The AMPAN Project

The Ampan Project is so named by by the Club and Mindarie Primary School.

"Ampan" comes from the Adzera language of the Markham people and it means GROUP OF PEOPLE.

The village of Kiaipit, north west of Lae, has some 2000 inhabitants and thanks to the Club and the support of Mindarie PS will be able to furnish and stock four new classrooms and the local aid post.

The new classrooms and the aid post provides schooling and medical aid to 10 villages in the surrounding 100-200 kms.


Thus the Ampan project will be educating a bigger community and it is now a much anticipated thing for the whole of the Kaiapit district.
The people have raised some money for transporting the container from the port of Lae as well as prepared the road.

The Ampan container with donations in kind is finally on its way to the village of Kiaipit in Papua New Guinea. On Thursday 3rd November, a 16 tonne slewing crane lifted the 3 tonne container onto a flatbed truck for transport to Fremantle dockyard.









This marks the end of the first and biggest phase of the Club’s first attempt at a major international  project.


The seeds of the project were sown during some casual conversations with the Principal of Mindarie Primary School back in June/July 2015, about the fact that the school, like others, has surplus school equipment and has difficulties getting rid of such items.

Subsequent investigations showed that there were many other schools that also had surplus  school desks and chairs and sundry other equipment.


Our International Director,Margaret Dull, mentioned to the Board that her  village of Kiaipit, 100 kms northwest of Lae was building classrooms and could benefit from any donations of school equipment and thus the Ampan project was born.


Whilst it was relatively easy to find the school equipment, where to store what we collected was the biggest issue. In May of 2016, the Club purchased a 20 ft container and we were finally in a position to start collecting and storing items.


With Margaret liaising with the village elders, a “wish list” was obtained and the Club set about soliciting for and collecting items. This included school desks, chairs, cabinets, petrol generators, solar panels and an inverter, books (by the hundreds), used clothing, play equipment, and tools. The Northern Suburbs Mens Shed even made up large classroom chalkboards and 320 individual chalkboards for students, from wood and paint supplied by Bunnings.


Our thanks go out to a lot of people and in particular, Mindarie PS who embraced the Ampan project and contributed so much and allowed us to store the container and items at the school until we were ready for transport.

                                                                 In addition, Mark Patterson from shipping agents SeaTram has

                                                                 been very helpful and generous in both advice and harnessing

                                                                 external resources such as True Blue containers who are 

                                                                 “recertifying” our container.

The next phase is the trip for Mindarie PS staff and Club members to Kiaipit in the new year, to see the “donations” in situ. Margaret informs us that the villagers are planning a significant welcome and any and all visitors will be well feted. The village elders have also generously given Mindarie PS and RCM “naming” rights to the classrooms as an ongoing memento of our efforts in providing the donations.


One hopes that there will continue to be an ongoing link with the village of Kiaipit for both Mindarie PS and RCM.



There were many contributors to this project that deserve thanks for their time and donations:

  • RC West Perth for donating recycled medical equipment/supplies

  • PP Mt Lawley Russell Shearing-Jones for his great help/donations

  • RC Perth for donating books and clothing

  • Trevor Canning from RAWCS for uniforms/bags and advice

  • Margaret’s PNG friends in Perth

  • Mudji Nielsen – RC Nth Perth

  • PP Mt Lawley Geoff Russell

  • Glenn Baxter, Best West Logistics for transport

  • Mindarie Mustangs Little Athletics

  • Mark Shaw for his time

  • Sandy for all her running around collecting stuff

  • Nigel Owen who knows how to pack and secure items in containers and books and clothing

  • Levana Dull for advice and sweat

  • Cheryl Shaw for her time and effort

  • Elaine Pither, Mindarie PS librarian for books

  • Andrea White, Mindarie PS Ampan Coordinator and Principal Barbara Bromley

  • Students of Mindarie PS for their physical assistance moving desks/chairs and raising some funds towards the project

  • Clive Bain and Debbie Singh from RC Wanneroo for their advice

  • Poseidon PS and Merriwa PS for offers of donations

  • Wanneroo Crane Hire for a big “lift”

  • Ralph and Margaret for their persistence in coordinating the project and their collecting items.


THE ARRIVAL of the container (18 Jan 2017)

The project involves the collection and transport of school and medical equipment to the village. To-date, with Mindarie PS we have been collecting old school desks, chairs, furniture, used library books, consumables (pencils, stationery etc) and children's clothing (ages 3-12). A "wishlist" was prepared by the village elders and some of the items that we are looking for include:

  • Desk and Chairs (students and teachers)

  • Blackboards/chalk boards

  • Lockers and cabinets

  • Blocks and Shapes

  • Picture and Number Charts

  • Reading and Spelling books

  • Tennis Balls,Rackets, nets

  • Basketball, Soccerballs,Rugby balls

  • Volleyballs, Netballs Nets

  • Seesaw & slides, swings

  • Dolls

  • Arts And crafts items

  • Dictionaries and used childrens books

  • Manual sewing machines

  • Solar Panel, inverters lines and cables for Connections

  • Sattellite phone

  • Petrol/Diesel generators

  • V-Sat DISC Complete set

  • Lawn Mower

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Globes - World Maps

  • School bags

  • Teachers bags

  • Consumables (stationery, binders, paper, colour pencils etc)


On 28th November 2016, Mark Patterson from SeaTram advised that the Ampan container has been booked for shipping as follows:

Container No:                  XXXU236156-7

Booking No:                    AEL0624506

Port of Loading:               Fremantle

Date of Loading:              7th December 2016

Vessel:                             ANL Woomera/111N

Connecting Vessel:         Flora Delmas/069RQSANL

Transhipment:                 Port Kelang, 18th December 2016

Port of Discharge:           Lae, Papua New Guinea, 8th January 2017