Other than the yearly involvement is the 4 Way test Speech competition, the club has not been active in Vocational Service activities.

However, we recognise that we need to be more active in this area and build relationships with local businesses, additional schools and other service provider organisations.

Consideration is being given to:

  • Sponsoring seminars for small business entrepreneurs and inviting members of the community to participate.

  • Holding informal professional networking events (such as "sundowners" or breakfast meetings) where members can meet other local professionals and introduce them to Rotary.

  • Starting a career counseling program geared towards equipping unemployed or underemployed adults with the skills they need to compete in the job market.

  • Commencing a "service Excellence" Award Programme in the community.

A major cornerstone was laid in 2017 when the Club was asked to present the Annual Citizenship Award to the selected year 12 student at Butler College graduation ceremony. This will be an annual award presented by the Rotary club of Mindarie and we hope to extend this type of award to other senior schools in our Community.


The Rotary Four Way Test Speech Competition encourages teachers and students from each club’s catchment area to take part in this public speaking, confidence building and ethics consideration opportunity. The Rotary Four Way Test is a state-wide competition with a State final being conducted in conjunction with fellow Western Australian District 9465.

The aims of the competition are to:

  • introduce Year 6 & 10 students to the Rotary Four Way Test. This will assist them to understand that positive life values are important foundations to making decisions and acting with integrity.

  • provide Year 6 & 10 students with an opportunity to compete in a public speaking competition, thereby fostering excellence in the art of public speaking and developing the confidence and self-esteem of participating students.

  • provide an opportunity for students to test their skills before an audience.

  • bring the concepts of the Rotary Four Way Test to the attention of students.

  • provide Rotary and the Rotary Four Way Test with valuable exposure in the community.

  • develop relationships between Rotary and schools.

Winner of the 2017 District 9455 4 Way Test

Speech Competition final, held at the District

Conference Harry Harrop, from Butler College.

                                               The Club has selected Simran Vyas,

                                               from Peter Moyes Anglican

                                               Community School to represent the

                                               Club at the District semi-finals in



                                        We selected Sarah Ilham for our candidate in the

                                        District final in 2018.