WHAT'S INvolved in joining the club?

The Process

If you are interested in joining or wish to find out more first hand,

we invite you to attend a couple of our fortnightly meetings. this 

                                              gives you the opportunity to see and

                                              meet the people who are members,

                                              hear about our projects and activities

                                              and get a general "feel" for the Club.

                                               There may be several informal chats

                                               with you during the course of your

                                               attendance at these meetings. 

                                               You are then invited to submit an

                                               Application Form which is reviewed

                                               by the Board of the Club.

                                               You will then be advised of a Club

                                               meeting date at which you will be

                                               formally inducted into the Rotary

                                               Club of Mindarie and the family of

                                               Rotary International.

  At that meeting:

  • you (as a prospective member) are asked to give a brief talk about your background and why you have decided to join the Club;

  • the Immediate Past President of the Club reads out short formal "induction charge";

  • the newly inducted member is then introduced to the current Club President who welcomes them to the Club and presents them with their Rotary International Membership Certificate, a personalised polo shirt, a cap and name badge for themselves (and their partner if required).

Membership of any Rotary Club in the world involves both a "joining" process and an annual membership fee.

Membership Fees 

Every Rotarian worldwide is required to pay an annual membership fee.


The quantum of this fee is determined by each Rotary Club but is influenced by some "set factors", i.e:

  • An annual membership fee payable to Rotary International (based upon membership numbers);

  • An annual membership fee (based upon membership numbers)  payable to the Rotary District to which the Club belongs. For Mindarie, it is District D9455;

  • A set fee levied by Rotary Down Under for the Rotary Down Under Monthly Magazine;

  • The balance of the fee is determined by each Rotary Club and is used for administrative costs in running the Club.

The annual fee for membership of the Rotary Club of Mindarie for 2017/18 is set at $259.00.


This fee is invoiced at the beginning of the Rotary year (July) and can be paid in three (3) installments or as a one off payment - but must be paid of the end of December of that year.

A new member who joins during the course of the year, will have their annual membership determined on a pro-rata basis.


Membership of the Rotary Club of Mindarie means that you are a member of the Rotary Family and can thus attend the meetings of any Rotary Club worldwide - and you will be welcome!

Other Costs

The majority of Rotary Clubs meet weekly and at those meetings a meal is provided at a cost in the order of $30-$35 per member.

The Rotary Club of Mindarie only meets fortnightly and it is only on some occasions that canapes etc are provided. When this occurs, members are asked to contribute to the cost of the foodstuff. 

Special events held by the Club will incur a cost but your attendance is optional.