YOUTH service


The Rotary Youth Exchange Programme generally provides for the selection and sponsorship of students in the 16 to 17 age group to travel to another country to spend twelve months attending a secondary school and living with host families in that country.                                                                                 

Rotary Club of Mindarie has had the opportunity to provide sponsorship for 5 incoming students to Perth, Australia

  • Christen Dinesen from Denmark 2012-2013,

  • Eva Ruegg- from Switzerland 2013-2014,

  • Arisu (Alice) Tara- from Japan 2014-2015,

  • Maud Fossaert - from France 2015-16)

  • Olga Burlikowska - from Poland (2017) shared with RC Broome

  • Kaisla Kainulainen - from Finland (2016/17)

  • Simon Wolters - from Germany (2019)


and 3 outbound youth Exchange Students

  • Ryan Stocks- Germany 2014-2015

  • Paige Higgins –Switzerland- 2015-2016

  • Perri Reid - Finland 2017

  • Harry Harrop - Germany 2019







RYPEN is a live-in "participation workshop" and leadership camp, held once a year, supported by D9455 Clubs and run and administered by the District.


It is a successful youth program, where selected Year 10 students, across different high  schools in Western Australia, gather in a safe and supportive environment. 


The aims of RYPEN are:

  • to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their potential and self esteem, provide experiences that will assist them to form their own values and moral standards, and to broaden their cultural, social and academic horizons. ​

  • to encourage young people  to explore their ideas of problem solving in team and group activities.  

  • build young people’s confidence and developing their skills to cope in  a wide range of situations.

Since the Club was chartered, we have sponsored at least 35 students to attend this camp and will continue to do so in the future.




The program takes place in over thirty-five universities and tertiary institutions, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. More than 65,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

Over the past years, the Club has sponsored students from local high schools, who have been nominated by their schools,to attend the Experience

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students.

 Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who

love their work.